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Transform your data into information.

Extend the power of your information systems.
Custom solutions for enhancing management controls and dynamic reporting for data driven decision making.

Custom advisories in Business Analytics, Interactive Reporting and Information Management.​

Set of tools and techniques for information management improvement, focused on visual interpretation of business key metrics.
Fexcel. Excel for Business.
Turn your spreadsheets into analytics and business intelligence tools, suitable for multiple processes and activities. Fully interactive and self-managing solutions for easy analysis, interpretation and data visualization.
Visual Business Intelligence.
A set of analytics and visualization tools focused on trends, outliers, data patterns for metrics visual interpretation.  
3DM. Data-Driven for Business Analytics.
Data Prep, cleansing and data transformation. Key performance indicators (KPI's/OKR) A
nalytics for strategic decision-making processes support.

Flexcel.  Excel for Business ®

Microsoft's Business Intelligence tools has positioned as market leaders.
Excel is Microsoft's strategic commitment for Analytics, with more than 750 million worldwide users.

Turn spreadsheets into controlling, planinig and decition making support tools.

Modify data in spreadsheets and get  dashboard's auto updated even in customized Web portals; transform your sheets into powerful  business management visual support tools.

3DM.  Data Driven Decision Making.

Valuation of business decisions with corporate approach backed in verifiable data through techniques and tools for  data extraction, transformation and analytics. Highlight the key and timely information requiered in management control and decision-making processes.

Visual Business Intelligence

Techniques and tools for fast and effectively graphic information presentation using the top data visualization and business intelligence platforms.
TDC Cost. Detalle de Inductores de costos.
TDC Cost. Detalle de Inductores de costos.
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