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Juan Carlos Savini G. 



Planificación. Analítica Empresarial. B.I. Info Visualization.


Economist. MBA Business & Administration

Planning. Business Analytics. Info Visualization & Reporting

        +58 424 6980031 | |



Over 15 years of experience in PDVSA. Financial and planning consultant in Venezuelan oil industry up to December 2002. 


• Oil & Gas. Maraven S.A. Cost analyst and Business Transformation Project (Activity Based Cost) consultant.  SAP/ PDVSA Corporate Project 1997: E&P West unit Sitereadiness. Throughout its career in Oil&Gas industry, has performed some positions in Finance, Administration, Production and Planning & Control Management.


• Government. Secretary of State for Planning and Statistics affairs, (Government of Zulia 2003-09) and Director of Planning, Statistics and Control Office (Municipality of Maracaibo 2009-13).  Business Intelligence and Info Visualization tools for tracking and monitoring operative plans, as well as the design, modeling and monitoring governments public statistics.


Some of his highlighted skills are the implementation of data visualization and business intelligence tools, for planning and monitoring strategic process, using advanced ofimatic and web cross platform tools.


Business Analytics & Data Visualization Advisor.

NCT Energy Group C.A.


Business analysis and data visualization. 2014 - 2015 Pacific Rubiales Energy.

Bogotá, Colombia.


  • OPEX project. Costs forecast, modeling & audits.

  • Logistic and Gas lifting Cost Project. Infovis dashboards by process and cost elements. 

  • Audits 2014 -2015. Accounting & financial relabeling. Local displayer tools, by activities.


OPEX Smart Board. 

Oil & Gas. 

Cost by Business Unit, Fields processes and activities.

PRE. 2014 - 2015

Business Analytics and Data Visualization Consultant.

Grupo Serex | Visualmetrica.



  • Project Coordinator: Corporate Management System. SIGECORP. 2013

  • Business Analytics. Logistic, Transportation Billing & Payments and Inventory of Mineral Coal. Colombia & Venezuela. Interactive Office WEB-Mobile Cross Platform.



Cross platform Data Info Visualizator.

Carboex. Grupo Serex 2013

2010 - present

2010 - present


Secretary of State for Planning and Statistics affairs.

Government of Zulia and Maracaibo Municipalty. 2003 - 2012


  • Chief manager for regional development plans and public investment projects

  • Headman on Zulia's Situation Room . 

  • Planning Advisor at Maracaibo Public Planning Council. 

  • Annual Management Report. Team leader for Zulia State Government.

Situation Room

e Government Office

Zulia State. 2003 - 2011

PDVSA. Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.

1991 - 2002


Planning Advisor. Business Opportunities Management.

  • Technical Secretary for Planning Committee, E&P West Business Unit .

  • Project advisor. Workforce financial evaluation. 

  • Strategic planning advisor. Statistical process control.


PDVSA. Lagomedio Business Unit.

  • Tracking tools for cost analysis, KPI's (EVA, ROCE and Production Costs).

  • Key indicator analysis. (KPIs) for Oil industry (Lagomedio Production Unit).


SAP | PDVSA Corporate Project

  • Project Sitereadiness for SAP PDVSA E&P West Business Unit.

  • SAP Corporate Project Implementation. CCA (Cost Center Accounting) and PCA (Profit Center Accounting).


Business Transformation Project & T.I. PDVSA E&P.  Administrative Headman.

  • Activity Based Cost. Senior Consultant.

  • Finance and budget project advisor.



Science & techniques for government management 

Best academic average

September 2013


Microsoft Excel

2015 MVA Certificate 

Microsoft Excel 2013 Essential

Microsoft Virtual Academy


Microsoft Business Intelligence

2015 MVA Certificate

Microsoft Business Intelligence in Office 2013. Microsoft Virtual Academy


Microsoft Business Intelligence

2015 MVA Certificate

Faster insights to data with Power BI Jump Start 2013. Microsoft Virtual Academy






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