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Juan Carlos Savini G. 



Planificación. Analítica Empresarial. B.I. Info Visualization.


Economist. MBA Business & Administration

Planning. Business Analytics. Info Visualization & Reporting

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Analytics and Data Visualization Advisor. 
Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Reporting.
Visualmetrica ®. 2008. Owner

Business and Commercial. Visualmetrica. 2008 - 2024.Corporate Visual Business Intelligence Advisor.   
Areas: Mining, Logistics, Distribution and Technology.
Chamber of Commerce of Maracaibo. Executive Director 2016 – 2017

il & Gas: Petróleos de Venezuela. 1989 – 2002.
Finance, Administration, Planning and Reporting.
   • Divisional Finance Department. 1989 - 1993. Cost and budget analyst.
   • Corporate Transformation Project 1993 - 1997. ABC - TDC cost Advisor.
   • SAP/PDVSA project. Sitereadiness Exploration and Production Business Unit. 1997-2000.
   • Planning Management. Divisional planning committee coordinator. 2000-2002.

State Government. Zulia State Government. State's Secretary of Planning an Statistics. 2003 - 2009
Maracaibo Municipality. Director of Planning. 2009 - 2011
Planning, analytics and controlling. State and Regional plans and projects.
   • Secretary of state for planning and statistics. Zulia Government. 2003-2010.
   • Municipal Department of Planning and Statistics of the Municipality of Maracaibo 2009 - 2013.

JC Savini Portfolio
Claxton Law Group. 
Orlando Florida. USA 2023  
Analytics & Data Visualization AdvisorAnalytics & Data Visualization Advisor
Customized web/mobile Google Workspace Platform solutions for legal & collections, streamlining tracking, portfolio recovery, and debt & payment control.

2010 - present

Claxton Law Group LLC. Accounts Receivable Tracker
This comprehensive Accounts Receivable Tracker, powered by Power Query, M, and Excel Enterprise, streamlines the management of outstanding receivables from third parties.

Millinton Coal Internationa IMI
2021 - 2023. USA 
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Advisor.
Mining - Energy.

Production. Production, inventory, purchases, and sales KPI's and OKR. Sets of panels and dynamic reporting for volumetric control of  thermal coal, reactive and metallurgical coke.

Data flow. Panels connectivity to yard information capture systems. Connectivity tests over data server for reporting with a significant impact in catch and processing data (60 to 75% faster than local processes).
Reporting. Interactive reporting of inventory production, billing, costs, and inventory valuation.

Dash Minex LLC_2_edited.jpg

Minex LLC. Coal Thermal Board. 

Coal Inventory Balance per week.
Purchases & Storage by Location and Ports.

eBox Logistics. 2019 – 2023.
Miami Florida USA
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Advisor.
International Logistic.

• Business Intelligence platform conversion: 22 sets of panels designed in Power BI swapping to Tableau . Data extraction, verification, and migration to Tableau Desktop (@ 95 variables cross checked in13 data groups, and 18 hierarchies).
• Optimization. 22 dashboards (Power) BI, to 17 (Tableau). This optimization meant graphical simplifications performed using DataViz techniques and principles.
• Data visualization. Design and simplification of 17 dashboards for monitoring historical data and  processes for: sales, reception, and processing of deliveries, mobilization, inventories, waybills, customers, lockers, declared value, and stores.
• GCP. Google Cloud Platform. Configuration and Connectivity of 17 dashboards and 11 views through GCP-Big Query. 

Dash ebox_edited.jpg

eBox Logistics. Corporate Dataviz Platform.

Sales, Revenue, inventory, Operation by Country, Storage, Tons and Logistic and production Cost.

Grupo Serex | Millinton Coal International
2017 - 2019
Analytics and Visual BI Advisor.
Energy. Coal and Thermal Cokes

• Cost controlling. Cost accounting model for Coal Business Unit, by core processes: purchases, reception, classification, and shipment; by cost elements: labor, materials, equipment, services.
• Data prep. Accounting reclassification and implementation of cost drivers and business rules for balance accounting charges to cost elements (ABC / TDC Cost Methodology).
• Reporting. C
ost reporting modules: analytical summary, fixed and variable; by cost element, and process.
• Data visualization. All cost information was linked to Microsoft’s Business Intelligence ecosystem, using the Power BI gateways. This allowed improve the reportability and visualization of KPI indicators: cost per ton, overhead, fixed and variable costs index, pattern and trend cost evolution.

Dash IMI_edited_edited.jpg

2010 - present

Millinton Coal International

Sales & Plan Dashboard
Cash Flow by Business Unit.

CIS Latam. Corporate Project 
2019 - 2021
Corporate Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Visualization Advisor.
1,400 points of sale in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Paraguay.
Worldwide logistic and remittances.

Western Union and DHL Business Units.  4 sets of panels with 45 dashboards containing transaction and revenue indicators and metrics for the Western Union and DHL business units. Time intelligence KPI (last year, last month, year to date, month to date, last & past week, and week to date). Users: Board of Directors, Country Managers, and Process Managers.
Finance. Effectiveness KPI (revenue per transaction, per day, per business day) for WU and DHL business units.
• Compliance. 18 dashboards for control and visualization of data related to the CIS compliance indicators.
• Production & Services.  8 dashboards with georeferenced indicators (interactive maps), by country and city, WU and DHL business units (Country Managers and Regional Managers).
• Management. 4 sets of panels with 19 dashboards (KPI's and metrics of transactions & revenue for the DHL business unit).
Marketing. Data processing for 2 sets of dashboards for Market Share CIS vs WU.
 Training. Delivery of 2 Power BI training cycles. 
9 modules (content: introductory, ecosystem, canvases, visuals, data processing, connectivity to sources, dashboard and report design, web and mobile interfaces).

Dash CIS_edited.jpg
Dash CIS_3_edited.jpg

CIS Latam

Western Union / DHL Datawall by Country.

Zoom Group.
Caracas, Venezuela 2016 – 2017
Visual BI. and Cost controlling Advisor.
International Logistic

Costs. 5 submodules for query and cost control of payroll expenses, inland operations, international operations, social security, operational monthly cost, and time transaction. 
Materials. Implementation of 4 control modules for the Equipment and Materials area: Vehicle Fleet, Scale Maintenance, Tools, and Materials Control. 
Data visualization workshop. Board level @23 managers and Regional managers @ 86.


Zoom International Services. TDC Cost Board. 

Logístic Sankey for Visualization and Cost Controlling.

Maracaibo Chamber of Commerce.

Executive Director.

Commercial - Trade-Union

• United Nations Global Compact. As Executive Director, I was responsible for coordinating and executing the design and presentation of the report, to achieve the inclusion of the Chamber of Commerce to this selective agreement. As a result, the Maracaibo Chamber of Commerce was formally included as the second organizational entity in Venezuela to join the Global Compact 2016–2018 and authorized to use the “United Nations Global Compact logo” in all its events and publications as a member of this worlwide agreement.

• Controlling. Agenda of sessions of the Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Members’ Meeting, allowing better compliance with its resolutions.

• Membership. Collaborative tools to improve control associated with member services, efficiently channel membership applications to the Chamber, and enable and facilitate the incorporation of new members.

• Finance. Developed administrative management tools for budget, cash flow and operating cash exercises, programming. Control modules of purchasing management, equipment supplies, and payroll expenses (employees and outsourced



United Nations - Chamber of Commerce of Maracaibo .
UN Global Compact 2016-2017 Management Control System. UN - COE

NCT Energy Group.
Colombia. 2014 -­ 2015

Visual Business Intelligence. Senior Advisor.

Pacific Rubiales Energy. Bogotá, Colombia. 2014 -­ 2015
Oil & Gas.

•  OPEX Project. Design and implement 2 external modules to perform production costing: OPEX, onshore (land operations), and offshore operations.
 Cost. Development of predictive modules for cost profile with 1, 3, and 5 forecastt years (production potential and proven reserves).
 Field Operation. Review of cost drivers and their integration to the SAP platform, Cost Center Planning (CCP), Cost Center Accounting (CCA), and Profit Center Accounting (PCA) modules.
• SAP. Development of integration scripts for external cost modules from SAP S/4HANA databases in its CCP and CCA submodules.
• Gas Lift. Review cost structure and service rates for Gas Lift production processes and Production Logistics (gas injection plants and crude oil transportation).
• Gas Plants. Development of interface for loading the cost models designed for gas plants and crude oil transportation to the SAP Cost Center Planning module.
• Data Prep. Review and reclassification of accounting records.
• Costs. Design and implementation of cost drivers for oil extraction and transportation and treatment.
• Audit. 2014 and 2015 OPEX budget.

OPEX Oil & Gas. 

Costs by Business Units, fields, processes and activities
PRE. 2014 - 2015

Carboex. Serex Group.
Colombia - Venezuela. 2013 - 2014   

Business Analytics & Data Visualization advisor.

Energy & Mining.

• Corporate Management System. SIGECORP 2013.
   Project Coordinator
• Business Analytics. Logistic, Transportation Billing & Payments and Inventory of Mineral Coal. Colombia & Venezuela. Interactive Office WEB Mobile Cross Platform.
• Business data analyst & automation. Direct database connectivity (SQL/MsQuery) and data cleansing / normalization (using PowerQuery / SQL and MS Get & Transform,) functionalities.



Corporate Management System. Mining / Energy
Inventory control and logistics.
Mobile – WEB. 2014

Government of Zulia.
2003 - 2010

Secretary of State for Planning and Statistics.


Chief manager for regional development plans and public investment projects
• Headman on Zulia's Situational Room.
• Annual Management Report. Team leader for Zulia State Government. 
Counselor at Public Council for Planning and Public Policy of Zulia's State.


Situational Room.
Interactive Maps.
Government Management Control of Social Programs. WEB. 2.0

Municipality of Maracaibo
2010 – 2013

Director of Municipal Planning and Statistics.


• Chief manager for regional development plans and public investment projects
• Headman on Maracaibo's Situational Room .
• Planning Advisor at Maracaibo Public Planning Council.
• Annual Management Report. Team leader for Zulia State Government. Counselor at Public Council for Planning and Public Policy of Zulia's State.
• Mayor in charge of the city of Maracaibo. December 2011 - January 2012


Interactive Maps.Maracaibo Municipality
Control of Social Programs. WEB. 2.0

PDVSA. Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.
1991 - 2002

Corporate Finance, Planning, Technology and Production Projects.
Oil and Energy. 1989 - 2002


PLANNING. Planning Advisor. Business Opportunities Management.
• Technical Secretary for Planning C
ommittee, E&P West Business Unit .
• Project advisor. Workforce financial evaluation.
Strategic planning advisor. Statistical process control.
PRODUCTION. PDVSA. Lagomedio Business Unit.
• Tracking tools for cost analysis, KPI's (EVA, ROCE and Production Costs).
• Key indicator analysis. (KPIs) for Oil industry (Lagomedio Production Unit).
SAP | PDVSA Corporate Project. SAP PDVSA E&P. Project Sitereadiness 
• Project Sitereadiness for SAP PDVSA E&P West Business Unit.
• SAP Corporate Project Implementation. CCA (Cost Center Accounting) and PCA (Profit Center Accounting).
• Activity Based Cost. Senior Consultant.
• Finance and budget project advisor.
• Cost and budget analyst. 
• ABC Cost Consultant 

Academic Profile

University of Zulia
Economist. MBA in Business Management
Maracaibo Venezuela. 1983 - 1989

Andres Bello Catholic University
Master in Government Science and Techniques
Maracaibo Venezuela. 2011 - 2012
Grade Position #1



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Microsoft Excel

2015 MVA Certificate 

Microsoft Excel 2013 Essential

Microsoft Virtual Academy


Microsoft Business Intelligence

2015 MVA Certificate

Microsoft Business Intelligence in Office 2013. Microsoft Virtual Academy


Microsoft Business Intelligence

2015 MVA Certificate

Faster insights to data with Power BI Jump Start 2013. Microsoft Virtual Academy






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